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Hand of God

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A psychological drama following a judge who believes God is compelling him to exact vigilante justice.

Pernell Harris is a morally-corrupt judge who, after suffering from a breakdown, believes God is now speaking directly to him and compelling him to take a path of vigilante justice.

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Posted 11/25/15 at 09:33:46

Amazing show. The end made me cry. I never cry. Want more.
Posted 11/20/15 at 03:48:34

You guys should of stuck with it this show was great 😉
Posted 10/06/15 at 04:49:16

I did not even last 30 minutes. Good actors terrible script. How these networks decide what garbage to push on us is beyond logic. I still am upset at Stalker being cut. Almost every comment given on that show was a positive one. Can not believe no one picked it up CSI cyber had lower ratings and yet here it is still on the air. MKL#ML
Serge Robert
Posted 09/10/15 at 08:51:00

No way, 30 min. was all I could take.

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Genre: Drama

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Ron Perlman (Pernell)
Dana Delany (Crystal)
Alona Tal (Jocelyn)
Garret Dillahunt (KD)
Emayatzy Corinealdi (Tessie)
Andre Royo (Robert)