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TV Tidbit: Season 4 of NCIS: New Orleans premieres on Tuesday, Sept 26 at 10:00pm.

NCIS: New Orleans

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Network: CBS

This NCIS spin-off follows a specialized team of Navy investigators in the Big Easy.

This second spin-off of the NCIS franchise takes place in the colorful city of New Orleans. A dedicated team of Naval investigators explore the dark side of the Big Easy, which is a magnet for military personnel on leave.

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Posted 02/03/17 at 23:22:18

WHY does that newest cast member have to keep her lips pooched out all the time?!! Bring Brodie back!
Dave James
Posted 10/11/16 at 15:02:47

They're losing good cast members and replacing them with (?) replacements. Not too happy about it.
Posted 09/28/16 at 20:07:59

I am not happy about Agent Brody leaving the show and even less happy with her replacement - Vanessa Ferlito. I did not like her in Graceland and I don't like her on this show. I am much less likely to continue watching as long as she is part of the show.
Posted 09/28/16 at 11:08:44

I like the show, needs something else to make it distinct from its sister shows.
btw. Bring back Zoe McLellan as Agent Meredith "Merri" Brody.
Not happy about her leaving.
Posted 12/03/15 at 14:23:05

This is the only spin off of NCIS that I watch. Sometimes it seems a little outlandish in the plot, but better than NCIS LA.
Dave James
Posted 11/03/15 at 22:10:15

After seeing tonight's episode "Broken Hearted", I honestly believe the script was written by a first year Jr. high school student. Plot holes and improbable plot lines made me shake my head and wonder if this is the way the show is heading and if so, it's going to be DOA fairly soon and won't be missed by me.
Dave James
Posted 11/03/15 at 14:16:46

Pleas - Kill the theme song!
Posted 10/22/15 at 16:15:49

I sincerely apologize for my previous comment. A couple of drinks loosened me up and I tried to be cute with my comment. I should have plainly said I really don't care for Bakula's head shaking when trying to show anger within a statement. And the New Orleans spin-off makes a poor second to the Original. The L.A. version? Don't get me started.
Posted 10/14/15 at 11:40:27

tuned in lash night and thpought irt was wunnerful. bi especially liked the part swhere bakula sthakes his head whene he getjs serious. maan, taht whas good acting!
Dave James
Posted 09/23/15 at 13:56:52

I watch last nights season opener and I have to say about ten minutes into it, I started looking through the TV guide for something else. I just couldn't buy any part of the storyline and actually I was fairly bored. Either the acting or the writing is not up to par with the original NCIS. It's no more for me from here on out.

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Scott Bakula (Dwayne)
Lucas Black (Christopher)
Zoe McLellan (Merri)
CCH Pounder (Loretta)