NCIS: New Orleans

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Sep 23, 2014 - Present




Drama / Crime


Dwayne - Scott BakulaChristopher - Lucas BlackMerri - Zoe McLellanLoretta - CCH Pounder

This NCIS spin-off follows a specialized team of Navy investigators in the Big Easy.

This second spin-off of the NCIS franchise takes place in the colorful city of New Orleans. A dedicated team of Naval investigators explore the dark side of the Big Easy, which is a magnet for military personnel on leave.

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Pam Lincoln
04/05/20 at 01:54pm

We like this show but we only like the women on here now. The new agent is so arrogant it is disgusting I wish LaSalle didn't die.The Lab guy needs to stay in the Lab.
01/05/20 at 05:37am

So tired of the liberal slant to this show. Blacks and lesbians professing to take a stand against gun violence while shooting everybody in sight? If they shove one more cliche into this show. It's going to implode. Pump ratings with a show that has at least one or two people being shot every episode while parroting the leftist anti gun bull. Lab workers with guns yammering about gun violence. Where does it end
12/07/19 at 05:43am

The lab guy that they made into an agent is really starting to get annoying. Taking a poll, does anybody really believe that someone with all his issues could get a job where he uses a gun? Even a Federal job? If so you deserve this show!
08/19/19 at 07:30pm

When is Vanessa Furlito going to wash her hair? It is so dirty its disgusting.
08/19/19 at 07:26pm

How do these people stay employed? The "team". They do whatever they want without any repercussions. Dont follow any rules and get away with commiting crimes. It has gotten ridiculous. Kill this turkey!
05/09/19 at 07:29am

This show jumped the shark. It has no direction, it makes no sense. I don’t like the new character, Hanna. She is not necessary. Dwight being there all the time and doesn’t lead the team?!? It just doesn’t make sense. I tried to oversee these things and give it a chance, but this last episode was it for me. I am deleting the series from my DVR.
tom taylor
07/21/18 at 11:56am

didn't like ziva leaving.didn't like tony leaving wit habby leaving you have lost me forever. love ncis la. hate head guy on ncis new orleans, his accent is so sickning. i just can't beleave you guys.
01/19/18 at 03:07am

Love this show. Wish that Percy and Lasalle become a couple.
11/04/17 at 08:06pm

Make a autopsy gremlin a field agent? No qualifications what so ever. How stupid is that? If NCIS is that hard up, I'm going to apply. I was a boy scout at least!
11/04/17 at 08:00pm

This turkey can't possibly be cancelled soon enough! Anybody that watched this weeks didn't see what was going to happen is brain dead. Saying it seemed to be written by a Jr high school student is an insult to students everywhere. Just plain bad!

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