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American Crime

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Network: ABC

A drama following a racially charged murder and the resulting trial.

In Modesto, California a young couple are viciously attacked in their home, leaving a war veteran dead and his wife clinging to life. The horrific crime sends shock waves throughout the community and stirs up tensions across socioeconomic and racial lines.

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Posted 05/19/17 at 16:22:23

I love this show and I think the acting is amazing. I agree with @Chacanlcdn this show is about real issues in life and things that go on in the world, maybe it was just too much for people to handle. Some people said it's boring and it's all talking no action. Well that's the kind of show this was, if you like high speed chases and buildings blowing up all the time this wasn't the show for you. The was they mastered all these stories and how all the characters always come together at the end is just brilliant. I'm hoping another network takes on the show.
Loretta Boykin
Posted 05/17/17 at 15:58:53

Nooooo, say it ain't so"!!!!" Please, please bring it back. One of my favorite programs.
Posted 03/21/17 at 15:16:38

Posted 12/13/16 at 16:22:13

Why does ABC have so many stupid shows?
Posted 06/07/15 at 09:29:24

LOVE this show...well written.. True to life
Posted 04/24/15 at 16:53:27

Changed my mind, episode 8 was enough. Felicity, the sister, if this is plausible then I'm leaving.
Dennis Lucus
Posted 04/18/15 at 19:10:53

Right,Lucy. I'm watching "Daredevil" on Netflix. Pretty good show, and Vincent D'onofrio is as much fun to watch in the villian role as ever.
Posted 04/05/15 at 10:03:33

It may be all of the comments sofar BUT it is more like real life than some can muster.
It does not start and ends in 45 min. as most other show do but neither is living today.
You don't like it flip the channel.
You don't accept it as LIFE, get a candy one.
I find it reflective and true to life today.
Posted 04/03/15 at 03:52:46

Pretty boring show full of unlikable characters, not the least of which are Carter and Aubrey, a couple of self destructive, delusional drug addicts. They are so misconceived I hope they both bite the dust. An aforementioned editing is distracting and unnecessary.
Dennis Lucus
Posted 03/27/15 at 02:55:22

This pretentious piece of trash is a TOTAL waste of time.
The stupid editing is bad enough, conversations where half the time you see the faces talking, half the time you see other shots of the characters moving around. Stupid
BUT, the worst thing is just how ugly all the characters are. Not physically. They exist in a total, constant state of misery. There is no character to root for, care about, or even hate enough to make it worth your time.

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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