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Public Morals

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Network: TNT

A police drama following officers of New York's Public Morals Division in the 1960s.

Terry Muldoon is an honest and hardworking officer in New York City's Public Morals Division, which investigates vice crimes in the city. Many of Muldoon's fellow cops walk a thin line between morality and criminality, tempted by all that comes from working the city's dark underbelly.

As Muldoon watches the Hell's Kitchen streets where he grew up get overtaken by an escalating war within two factions of the Irish-American Mob, he becomes determined to fight back in order to provide a safe place for his family to live.

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Posted 07/25/16 at 16:45:30

My husband and I loved this show and was looking forward to season two! We're disappointed in TNT, one of the shows we ever really watched on this network and it's cancelled.
Posted 05/14/16 at 13:10:33

wow,i am sad, was looking forward to season 2 - it was a good show - sad sad
Posted 05/05/16 at 07:03:43

best show i have watched in years. very sad this show had to be cancelled.
Posted 04/20/16 at 14:19:48

I am very disappointed in TNT as well. Really enjoyed this show as I am a big fan of Ed Burns' work. Bring it back please!
Posted 04/12/16 at 21:05:05

Well I guess it's back to no reason to watch TNT.
Posted 04/11/16 at 18:18:44

What is this world coming to? Cancelling quality TV?! So so disappointed
Posted 03/18/16 at 19:16:02

That's really sad it was great show. Truly enjoyed watching it looking forward to more stories. One of the better new shows very well done.
Posted 03/15/16 at 18:06:31

I was sorely disappointed when I found that Public Morals had been cancelled. My husband and I looked forward to it every week, it was much more thought provoking than the reality shows. Shame on you TNT.
Jeff Holibaugh
Posted 03/12/16 at 16:25:35

Huge mistake.cancelling this show. Huge.
Posted 03/08/16 at 11:16:20

You have to be kidding me, my husband and I really enjoyed the show so much and waiting for it to return,please reconsider I'm really upset

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Edward Burns (Terry)
Michael Rapaport (Charlie)
Elizabeth Masucci (Christine)
Ruben Santiago-Hudson (Lt. King)
Wass M. Stevens (Vince)
Keith Nobbs (Pat)
Austin Stowell (Sean)
Patrick Murney (Petey)
Katrina Bowden (Fortune)
Lyndon Smith (Deirdre)
Brian Wiles (Jimmy)