Public Morals

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Aug 25, 2015 - Oct 20, 2015




Drama / Crime




Terry - Edward BurnsCharlie - Michael RapaportChristine - Elizabeth MasucciLt. King - Ruben Santiago-HudsonVince - Wass M. StevensPat - Keith NobbsSean - Austin StowellPetey - Patrick MurneyFortune - Katrina BowdenDeirdre - Lyndon SmithJimmy - Brian Wiles

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A police drama following officers of New York's Public Morals Division in the 1960s.

Terry Muldoon is an honest and hardworking officer in New York City's Public Morals Division, which investigates vice crimes in the city. Many of Muldoon's fellow cops walk a thin line between morality and criminality, tempted by all that comes from working the city's dark underbelly.

As Muldoon watches the Hell's Kitchen streets where he grew up get overtaken by an escalating war within two factions of the Irish-American Mob, he becomes determined to fight back in order to provide a safe place for his family to live.

Comments (33)

03/08/16 at 10:43am

Great period piece, and they keep the Librarians! Seriously one of the most stupid shows in a long time. Bring back Public Morals.
03/06/16 at 06:37pm

This show was the best show on TV plain and simple whoever decided to cancel this show is a full fledged moron ed burns was absolutely great with a great supporting cast well written some channel should bring this back
02/29/16 at 05:18pm

Well written, beautifully shot, interesting story lines and characters, this show just had to go
02/28/16 at 04:16pm

SERIOUSLY BUMMED about this ! They keep this one but shows like Wayward Pines stay on!!?? (not same channel but still..) Finally a decent "Cop " show & it gets axed before it has a chance!
01/31/16 at 02:25pm

Too bad, I liked this one. I guess some of the idiot shows have bigger audiences so we drop the ones that actually require a brain to appreciate. This is one of those shows that would have gradually built a loyal fan base, but that requires patience on the part of TNT.
01/27/16 at 04:16am

I really liked the show. bummer
karen buckman
01/18/16 at 07:15pm

This was one of the best new shows of 2015. It should not have been cancelled. TNT, your team needs to rethink its decisions about the shows you keep and cancel.
01/03/16 at 05:22pm

Was collecting the episodes for a binge view session, oh well. Seemed like a good idea, a period piece - but they're costly to produce. Limit the set size and the show becomes drab, big set and location shooting take a lot of effort 1960's NYC is a difficult thing to reproduce. Saw some good stuff here like Mad Men, Pan Am, The Americans... all good stuff. Haven't seen any more than the first couple of blocks of Episode one, sorry to see it go - I understand & mirror many of the comments here.
12/26/15 at 07:16am

I just read that Public Morals was cancelled! I can't believe it wasn't given a second season. Why are many good shows cancelled? I hope Netflix or someone another company picks it up. TNT produces some great shows, however, they made a huge mistake on this one!
mike dobey
12/19/15 at 10:33pm

what the heck? this was a great show. the cops were corrupt but not monstrous as they could have been. And coming from me that says a lot. because I was really sick of corrupt cop movies. they should have given this a better chance.

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