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TV Tidbit: Season 4 of The Last Man on Earth premieres on Sunday, Oct 1 at 9:30pm.

The Last Man on Earth

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Network: Fox

A comedy following the life of a guy who ends up as the last man alive on earth in the year 2022.

After an unlikely event strikes the planet Earth in the year 2022, Phil Miller finds himself as possibly the only man left alive. With just a sliver of hope that there are other survivors out there, Phil travels the continent in his RV but finds no sign of life anywhere.

While there are certainly some perks that come with being the last person alive on earth, Phil has become sad and lonely over time. Could there still be hope that somebody else is out there?

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tv guy
Posted 05/11/17 at 13:43:15

Last man Standing get's Cancelled and this Garbage get's renewed.
Posted 05/11/17 at 08:49:38

DS - Agreed. This was pretty good the first year, but to think this replaced such shows as American Dad, Boardertown, and Cleveland Show on Fox's Sunday Animation -- I don't get it. I guess I don't get it. GREAT ACTORS once again -- but just terrible, tired script writing.
Posted 04/24/17 at 10:43:09

Just stick a fork n this one... it has gotten two bad that there is no recovering. Too bad, the concept could have gone so many ways.
Posted 10/16/16 at 18:38:08

I wanna know why they still call him Tandy.. His name is Phil!
Btw, still love this show!
Posted 04/14/16 at 22:16:37

Funny series, I like it. As good as Todd Margaret, Childrens Hospital and Quick Draw. But You're the Worst, Silicon Valley, Schitt's Creek, and Episodes are all WAY better IMO. Ha!
Posted 03/20/16 at 14:25:54

My 2nd favorite show, after Monday Night Football.
Posted 03/12/16 at 13:35:28

I love this show. Those of you that think it's stupid, have small pea sized brains, and probably don't understand why The Blues Brothers is funny. I'm glad its getting renewed...
Posted 01/31/16 at 15:25:59

Please renew the show. It the most creative comedy Fox has or had.
Posted 12/14/15 at 09:17:33

This show is hilarious. I feel like some people don't appreciate this kind of comedy (hence the haters), but I think Will Forte and Kristen Schaal have been doing a great job, and I can't wait for Jason Sudeikis to join the party. Good job Fox, and thanks for another season.
Posted 11/30/15 at 11:20:18

In this bloody awful world, it is great to have something completely stupid to laugh at - it is brilliant - more please!!!!Where is Episode 9 Series 2?

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Genre: Comedy

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Will Forte (Phil)
January Jones (Melissa)
Mel Rodriguez (Todd)
Kristen Schaal (Carol)
Cleopatra Coleman (Erica)