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The Whispers

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Network: ABC

A sci-fi drama following an alien race that uses children in attempt to quietly take over the Earth.

What happens when mysterious beings that people can't see or hear begin manipulating the children of the world in an attempt to take over the Earth?

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Posted 01/07/16 at 02:44:25

Loved this show. Stupid comedies go on year after year. This show was interesting and of course cancelled. Looked forward to watching every week. What is wrong with executives at these stations
Posted 12/07/15 at 11:11:43

I can't believe this!!! I'm so done with ABC..I'll never watch a show on that network again!! ABC I'd say u won't last much longer canceling all the good schools
mike dobey
Posted 11/07/15 at 12:47:14

it was a good show. Of course abc cancelled it. Horror and sci fi never last long usually. They could give us a ending at least. NO. they won't , just like Alcatraz and the river.
Buster Douglas
Posted 11/05/15 at 12:49:16

Never saw it I just waited to see if ABC would cancel like they do with everything
Posted 10/18/15 at 20:35:58

According to Wikipedia, Milo Ventimiglia confirmed on Twitter that the show is cancelled.
Posted 10/16/15 at 04:54:16

@Clark eztv has been taken over by scammers and I'd no longer reliable.
Posted 10/05/15 at 02:44:32

Hi, EZTV has this great show as "ended"
Posted 09/11/15 at 20:58:53

I really hope they don't cancel this one yet. The thrilling mystery and horror behind it makes it so different than any other show I've watched.
David Wood
Posted 09/09/15 at 16:12:49

Daniel Gillies is in both Saving Hope and The Originals.
Posted 09/07/15 at 17:42:38

Lily could do both esp since Horror is a short order Fall and this is a short-order summer. Kristen Connolly did both Whispers and Zoo, and Rick from Night Shift does both it and Killjoys, so not necessarily a death sentence.

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Genre: Drama / Sci-fi

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Lily Rabe (Claire)
Barry Sloane (Wes)
Milo Ventimiglia (Drew)
Derek Webster (Jessup)
Catalina Denis (Maria)
Kylie Rogers (Minx)
Kyle Harrison Breitkopf (Henry)
Autumn Reeser (Amanda)
Kayden Magnuson (Cassandra)