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A drama following the founder of a successful trial consulting firm.

Dr. Jason Bull is a brilliant, charming, and brash founder of a successful trial consulting firm. He holds three Ph.D.s and uses a combination of astute insight into human nature along with a first class team of experts to create winning strategies for his clients.

Inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw.

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Posted 02/25/17 at 19:26:38

Not a huge fan of the show either it's too bad I wanted it to be really good because I love Michael weathely but I find it rather boring He was funny on NCIS more humor in this show would have been better
Posted 02/09/17 at 15:07:32

Tried to like this show because of the cast, but stories getting weaker by the week - I've removed it from my DVR list
Posted 01/31/17 at 19:47:57

Love Michael Weatherly. Very good actor, but I cannot get excited about this show. It's the same week after week. Michael go back to NCIS.
Posted 11/30/16 at 16:05:33

I agree with Marla. But I do have to say since it is modeled after Phil McGraw, they named the show correctly. Phil was good when he first started but then he got the ratings bug and in my view it has been downhill ever since. Michael Weatherly is a great actor. He was great on NCIS. However, I do agree with the other comments, Bull is getting to be the same thing every week. They need to do something different to keep our attention.
Posted 11/27/16 at 12:45:56

It's the same thing every week. It would have been a good made for TV movie. Not a weekly series. But I do like the cast.
Posted 11/24/16 at 11:38:07

Same story every episode getting a bit like Groundhog Day
Posted 10/26/16 at 11:37:08

I love the show! I'm fascinated each case with the psychology of it!
Posted 10/24/16 at 17:30:58

I think I was turned off to this show as soon as I heard it was based on Dr. Phil. I can't stand him. Pompous, self-promoting idiot. The name of the show, Bull, doesn't help either.
Bob Mac
Posted 10/17/16 at 17:12:01

I'm trying hard to like this show but failing miserably. I'm confident that if the lead-in show wasn't NCIS, this show would fade into obscurity fairly quickly. It just seems too disjointed for my taste.
Posted 10/11/16 at 20:27:49

I feel the same as others comments. Just kinda not feeling it. The show isn't catching my attention. Its what I put on when I know I'm going to fall asleep. Not to believable either. Michael was good on NCIS...he doesn't fit here

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Genre: Drama / Legal

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Michael Weatherly (Dr. Bull)
Freddy Rodriguez (Benny)
Geneva Carr (Marrisa)
Chris Jackson (Chunk)
Jaime Lee Kirchner (Danny)
Annabelle Attanasio (Cable)