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Network: A&E

A drama that acts as a follow-up to The Omen, the classic horror film.

Damien Thorn, the mysterious young boy from The Omen, is now grown up yet unaware of the satanic forces around him. He is, however, haunted by his past. Plagued by odd occurrences and flashbacks, Damien is forced to face his true destiny of being the Antichrist.

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Comments (14)

Posted 07/29/16 at 13:12:46

Loved that show They always cancel the good shows and leave the lame ones!!!
Posted 07/13/16 at 11:40:21

This is a great show with the perfect cast. So of course A&E canceled it. I guess A&E has decided to dumb down their offerings and avoid shows that their viewer's like.
Posted 06/12/16 at 00:26:58

It figures.... This was really an awesome show .... And show's star Bradley James is a fantastic actor!!!! The network execs are frickin idiots!!!!! 😑
Posted 05/25/16 at 12:07:52

Didn't want to invest too much into this one since A&E cancels most of it's new shows after the first season.
Posted 05/21/16 at 18:47:20

I'm very disappointed.
Posted 05/20/16 at 17:56:38

I'm really disappointed-😑😑😑 Iloved that the show follow the original omen movies - the writing was excellent- give it another season πŸ˜‡
Posted 05/20/16 at 08:30:24

I've always loved the Omen movies. This series that follows the original was very well scripted and the actors were great especially Bradley James as Damien. I watch the episodes over and over. Please renew this show. I am really looking forward to how Damien evolves as well as the cliffhanger of who was coming out of the grave--the nun or his friend?
It is a great show with a perfect time slot as there is nothing of interest to watch on Mondays. If this show is cancelled, Monday nights are just going to get boring.
Posted 05/18/16 at 19:41:22

I love Damien! It is such a great story! My son and I would look foward to Monday nights to tune in!!I hope there is a season 2 we are so hooked they can't leave us hanging!!Damien just turned evil so there is alot more story to be told!! Please renew Damien😊
Posted 05/13/16 at 16:38:26

Love the cast especially Bradley! hope you continue to keep it on. Very exciting and surprising.
Posted 05/13/16 at 07:47:24

I've watched one episode and DVR'd the rest. I'm waiting to see if it will get renewed before even bothering. Doesn't seem like the ratings are there.

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Genre: Drama / Horror

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Bradley James (Damien)
Barbara Hershey (Ann)
Megalyn Echikunwoke (Simone)
Omid Abtahi (Amani)
Scott Wilson (John)