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Network: Syfy

A dystopian drama following a man who infiltrates a dangerous corporate firm.

In the future, as the year 2100 nears, the world is in turmoil with some companies having almost-unlimited power. With governments having collapsed, an executive named Ben Larson steps up to take on the system, risking it all to infiltrate the dangerous corporate world and save the woman he loves.

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Posted 01/08/17 at 14:05:51

It is like Gattica meets Elysium. Like Gattica, it takes place entirely on earth, and spends a lot of time on genetics. Like Elysium, it is a 2-tier society where the corporate rich live *really* well, and the rest kind of don't. However, Elysium had a lot of really *stupid* plot elements, Incorporated is much, *much* smarter.
Posted 12/28/16 at 21:06:12

Trying really hard to like this show.
Posted 12/12/16 at 15:20:35

An earth-bound allysium?
Posted 11/30/16 at 07:25:17

Corporation taking over the world TV show #29503, which wont last 4 episodes like very other one.
Posted 11/26/16 at 01:38:08

boring...3 times the charm

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Genre: Drama

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Sean Teale (Ben)
Julia Ormond (Elizabeth)
Dennis Haysbert (Julian)
Allison Miller (Laura)
Eddie Ramos (Theo)