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Nov 30, 2016 - Jan 25, 2017








Ben - Sean TealeElizabeth - Julia OrmondJulian - Dennis HaysbertLaura - Allison MillerTheo - Eddie Ramos

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A dystopian drama following a man who infiltrates a dangerous corporate firm.

In the future, as the year 2100 nears, the world is in turmoil with some companies having almost-unlimited power. With governments having collapsed, an executive named Ben Larson steps up to take on the system, risking it all to infiltrate the dangerous corporate world and save the woman he loves.

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11/21/17 at 05:46pm

I really liked this sci-fi, time travel, neo-genetics show. It's a real shame that it was canceled perhaps Sy-fy will pick it up???
11/07/17 at 04:54pm

Idiots cancelling this... Yet another great sleeper they and future audiences will regret missing.
Mary jo
02/28/17 at 10:00pm

Loved loved the show, the cast, well done ! Wishing it goes on! Main actors exceptional ! story lines great. Well written.
02/28/17 at 06:14pm

Too bad. This was a good effort but sadly didn't seem to catch. It was far better than this years other dismal SCI-FI failure... AFTERMATH.
I feel it worth saying however there does seem to be a reasonable effort at Sci-Fy to offer up at least some reasonably good scripted drama series.
mike dobey
02/27/17 at 05:45pm

Well, this is bad news. I thought the show was a good glimpse of a damaged world that could exist in the future. And it could be even worse than this show. They didn't give the show a chance. The idea that corporations could rule the world though is not farfetched. This was done in the cool 'continuum' show too. Now both are gone.
Leilani D Hall
01/29/17 at 04:28pm

Love the acting, scripts are very good. Do not like the overlying message of supposed warming climate, though as I said earlier, because of actors and their abilities still followed the show.
01/29/17 at 09:11am

Just finished watching the season finale. It was the perfect end to a fantastic first season. I really hope SyFy renews this one.
01/26/17 at 08:22pm

Much better as it continues.
ofer nachshon
01/26/17 at 08:13pm

i've been a sci-fi fan all my life,50 years now, and grew up reading books by the best sci fi authors like asimov and sagan.i witnessed so many crapy movies/tv shows realizing a truley smart and mindchallenging story is hard to find.saying incorporated is to smart xplains a lot of the trash being produced,and why some find such a good show boring.its simply too smart for them. so much rubbish-time to use classic scifi writers to raise standards."incorp"is good story telling under slick production,demanding some effort from the viewer.huge success of"100" proves the more shallow you are the more audience you get-as stupidity is an attractive factor,and sofistication-the magic required to create a good show-is discarded,in fear the viewer might actually have to use his brain. lords of sy fy,a good story is all you need,unfotunatlly most of your choices land somewhere between mediocrity and utter nonsence.there are many grownups out there,longing for highly sofisticated sci fi stories, check out the abundant sci fi litrature of the last 60-70 years-so much mind fascination created by classic sci fi writers. stop investing mostly in mindless laser gun shows{not that i dont like a good laser fight}full of weird costumed creatures,all wraped around a rubbish story. its time to start celebrating what makes sci fi so wonderfull- inovative ideas,unexpected turn of events,whole worlds that obey strange rules, and solutions that can not be predicted by the reader. if i am capeable of finding bearly one attactive SY-FY prouction a year, it means you should try and aim higher. incorporated is well done and well told a story. one move in the right direction.pick up the glove thrown at yoy,youll not regret.
01/19/17 at 03:09pm

I like this show has just enough going's not slow and boring ... those who say they don't like most likely they can't keep up with it

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