The Shannara Chronicles

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Jan 05, 2016 - Nov 22, 2017


Paramount Network


Drama / Fantasy


Wil - Austin ButlerAmberle - Poppy DraytonEretria - Ivana BaqueroAllanon - Manu BennettAnder - Aaron JakubenkoCephalo - James RemarTilton - Emelia BurnsEventine - John Rhys-DaviesArion - Daniel MacPhersonBandon - Marcus VancoThe Dagda Mor - Jed BrophyCatania - Brooke Williams

A fantasy drama following a trio's quest save the Four Lands from a demon army.

Thousands of years after the fall of mankind and civilization, the Four Lands is now in great danger. The fate of the world rests in the hands of an unlikely trio consisting of an Elven Princess, a human rover, and a half-human half-elf.

Together they embark on a quest to prevent a demon army from destroying the Four Lands.

Comments (24)

03/11/16 at 03:38pm

I really enjoy this series, especially Manu Bennet being a good guy! Pretty good script, though it's weird with the ancient humans and all that. Really hope it gets renewed.
02/16/16 at 04:03pm

Finally a Fantasy!!! I'm really enjoying the storyline and the actress playing Amberle is just awesome... love the strong female leads and that the "guy" doesn't always save the day.
Just me
01/26/16 at 06:33pm

So far I like it. It has it all from action to eye candy. It can appeal to everyone.
David Wood
01/14/16 at 06:10pm

This being MTV, the first several episodes will deal with the initial premise: demons, quests, fate of civilization and so on.
After the dust settles, the show will turn its attention to its real target: love interests and complex relationships. Until then, I'll watch.
Don't get me wrong. I enjoy love stories, just not soap opera types.

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