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A drama following the revelation of why a young woman committed suicide.

Hannah Baker is a teenage girl who takes her own life, shocking her family and friends. Two weeks after her untimely death, one of her classmates named Clay finds a curious box on his porch that contains recordings Hannah made explaining the 13 reasons why she decided to take her own life.

If Clay decides to listen to the recordings, he will unravel the mystery and dark secrets behind Hannah's tragic choice and find out if and why he is part of the list.

Based on the best-selling novel by Jay Asher.

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no need
Posted 08/04/17 at 07:29:54

So Charles, a girl getting raped is simplified? huh good to know how you think dumbass.
Posted 05/01/17 at 15:53:29

While I agree many of the people who had tapes seemed overly drawn out I found it beautifully depressing in how her family had to pick up the peices afterwards and her suicide scene was hard to watch without watering at the eyes. I had a classmate that committed suicide when I was in high school and I never really thought to much about it but this show made think about it after almost 20 years. One of the most profound experience I have ever had watching a tv show
Posted 04/26/17 at 17:30:43

I may be alone on this, but I thought the series was lame. Not only was it slow and melodramatic, but it simplified suicide. Suicide is complex and derives from depression/mental illness. Maybe in extreme cases of bullying, someone could commit suicide, but anyone with a healthy state of mind would have coped with everything that happened to Hannah. A few of the 13 reasons have happened to me. It's high school, folks. It's full of assholes and bitches and pettiness and teachers who don't really give a shit, but we soldier on...
Posted 04/09/17 at 23:50:04

I'm past the half way point in just over a day and it is outstanding. The characters are perfect and definitely leave me wanting to see note as soon the episode ends. A must see recommendation

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Genre: Drama

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Dylan Minnette (Clay)
Katherine Langford (Hannah)
Brandon Flynn (Justin)
Christian Navarro (Tony)
Alisha Boe (Jessica)
Michelle Selene Ang (Courtney)
Justin Prentice (Bryce)
Devin Druid (Tyler)
Miles Heizer (Alex)
Ross Butler (Zach)
Sosie Bacon (Skye)
Kate Walsh (Mrs. Baker)
Derek Luke (Mr. Porter)
Brian D'Arcy James (Andy)
Henry Zaga (Brad)
Amy Hargreaves (Lainie)
Steven Silver (Marcus)
Tommy Dorfman (Ryan)