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Still Star-Crossed

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Network: ABC

A period drama that picks up where the story of Romeo and Juliet left off.

After the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet, the rivalry between the Capulets and the Montagues escalates. A new royal has ascended to the throne in Verona and must determine what is best for his city, which is at the epicenter of mayhem.

When Rosaline Capulet is betrothed to Benvolio Montague against her will in an attempt to end the bitter feud between their families, the two seek to find a way to prevent their arranged marriage as well as the destruction of their families.

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Posted 08/13/17 at 18:28:51

Super disappointed this show was cancelled. Everyone I have introduced it to was instantly hooked! The concept was Intriguing. I loved the casting. Incredibly talented cast. I hope someone decides to pick this show back up!!!
Posted 08/13/17 at 12:02:23

Bring back the show! It was amazing!!
Punky Brewster
Posted 08/10/17 at 12:54:09

I just watched this show on demand and it is really good. I wasn't aware of it until recently. I am sad it was cancelled. No one is really home when the weather is nice; would have done better starting in the Fall. I'm truly disappointed.
Posted 08/06/17 at 17:00:15

Please bring Still Star- Crossed back...allow it to
have closure don't just drop it...
Posted 08/06/17 at 16:45:07

Please bring Still Star Crossed back for a proper ending.
You didn't give the show a was really a good
Margo D
Posted 07/31/17 at 06:25:33

I read somewhere online that the show was cancelled because they first thought that the actress who was cast as Julia would have the main role. Now, I don't care about who plays what role but isn't it a bid obvious that not one (I repeat: NOT ONE) show with a coloured actress that has the main role has got a second season. They all got cancelled. Okay fine, some don't get the views but nobody is counting all the viewers who watch the show online. And there are a LOT. It's a shame cause this really is a great show.
Posted 07/30/17 at 21:01:38

Please, please, please, don't cancel the show. I love it.
Posted 07/26/17 at 17:41:55

I wish this show wasn't canceled.
Posted 07/22/17 at 20:04:42

It took me a few episodes to figure out who was who. It was confusing, but once I figured that out I really liked the show. Unfortunately I think it may have been canceled.
Posted 06/23/17 at 22:25:03

If anyone writing this actually read Romeo and Juliet, they'd know that their series is a moot point because Shakespeare wrote it so that the two families see the death of their favorite members in each other's arms and decide put the feud behind them.

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Genre: Drama

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Grant Bowler (Damiano)
Wade Briggs (Benvolio)
Torrance Coombs (Paris)
Dan Hildebrand (Lawrence)
Lashana Lynch (Rosaline)
Ebonee Noel (Livia)
Medalion Rahimi (Isabella)
Zuleikha Robinson (Guiliana)
Sterling Sulieman (Escalus)
Susan Wooldridge (Nurse)
Anthony Head (Silvestro)