The Purge

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Sep 04, 2018 - Present




Drama / Horror


Miguel - Gabriel ChavarriaPenelope - Jessica Garza

A horror drama based on the movie franchise of the same name.

In an alternate version of America, where a totalitarian political party is in power, there is a 12-hour period when all crime is legal - even murder. During this time, various seemingly-unrelated, conflicted residents of a small city go to great lengths to survive the night as the clock winds down.

Comments (4)

08/07/18 at 12:44pm

Another show glorifying violence, and it's legal? Oh, please...I thought Tarantino was bad (and he is) but this sounds worse.
08/01/18 at 08:51am

NOPE!!! In this day and time! REALLY?!?!?
07/30/18 at 11:46am

Seriously? With the sick shit that is going on around the world today, THIS is what you think good TV should be? TV is going into the crapper.....
07/09/18 at 03:47am

looks like mad low budget syfy channel

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