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Jan 09, 2019 - May 13, 2020






Coach Mellor - Bryan CallenLainey - AJ MichalkaPrin. Glascott - Tim MeadowsCB - Brett Dier

A comedy spin-off based on The Goldbergs.

Set in 1990-something, this spin-off of The Goldbergs follows the faculty at William Penn Academy – Principal Glascott, Coach Mellor, new music teacher and graduate Lainey Lewis, and enthusiastic super-teacher Charlie Brown.

They may be nothing alike, both at school and in their personal lives, but this group of teachers are all great mentors to their students in their own unique ways.

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Janet L Flanigan
05/30/20 at 03:24am

What a shame! Loved the characters and the story line. Such a nice continuance of The Goldberg's.
05/13/20 at 11:30pm

renew renew
09/02/19 at 05:59pm

Its not bad this show when you meet the real teachers and you hear the memories behind it all....

it be nice for a few more seasons but i think goldbergs is nearly over its run of stories in the 80s , i think season 7 is final ...
01/13/19 at 05:41pm

They tried but the first episode wasn’t that funny. Put the teachers back in the goldbergs please
01/09/19 at 10:48am

Who is Eden Sher?
01/09/19 at 10:30am

@Jacob: Sue Sue Heck wouldn't last that long as a series. 1 maybe 2 seasons and then the story would have to be so different from the middle that it wouldn't be the same character, or stay the same and just be more of the same. After 9 years it would be hard to have new story lines that can stay within the vein of the middle but not be the middle.
The same thing is going to happen to this 2 year wonder. 1. they will tell the fates of the Goldbergs, or avoid telling the fates working hard to mumble through points when they might have to. 2. The show will be the similar enough to b just more of the Goldbergs, but different enough to be wrong. An uncanny valley.
12/05/18 at 02:27pm

If I understand correctly ABC is giving this Michalka her own show (even though no one knows who she is), but they refused to give Eden Sher her own show. Awful, just awful.

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