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Sep 25, 2019 - Present




Drama / Crime


Dex - Cobie SmuldersSue - Tantoo CardinalAnsel - Cole SibusTookie - Adrian MartinezLt. Cosgrove - Camryn ManheimDet. Miles - Michael Ealy

A drama following an army vet who becomes a PI in Portland.

Dex Parios is a less-than-perfect army veteran living in Portland, Oregon. She's quick-witted, carries a gambling debt, has a complicated love life, and takes care of her brother.

She puts her military intelligence to good use as a private investigator, but her unapologetic nature makes her a target of dangerous criminals and often at odds with the local police.

Based on the Stumptown graphic novel series.

Comments (6)

Couch Potato
10/11/19 at 05:49pm

A loose, kick a$$ woman with PTSD. Fun lighthearted action drama. Good cast, with everyone playing their respective roles nicely. Thus far the writing, and storylines have been different yet enjoyable.
10/11/19 at 02:55pm

Hey I like this one need o see a few more!
10/07/19 at 06:16pm

So far, I like..... 4 stars
10/05/19 at 07:04pm

Best new network show I’ve seen this Fall.
09/28/19 at 07:43am

Pretty good
David Wood
09/26/19 at 07:13pm

Her personal situation is interesting:
Down syndrome brother, PTSD, recklessness, unusual friends, unusual car radio.
But the pilot's kidnapping case was blah. Needs more dramatic tension. A quirky personal life is not enough.

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