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Sep 25, 2019 - Mar 25, 2020




Drama / Crime




Dex - Cobie SmuldersSue - Tantoo CardinalAnsel - Cole SibusTookie - Adrian MartinezLt. Cosgrove - Camryn ManheimDet. Miles - Michael Ealy

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A drama following an army vet who becomes a PI in Portland.

Dex Parios is a less-than-perfect army veteran living in Portland, Oregon. She's quick-witted, carries a gambling debt, has a complicated love life, and takes care of her brother.

She puts her military intelligence to good use as a private investigator, but her unapologetic nature makes her a target of dangerous criminals and often at odds with the local police.

Based on the Stumptown graphic novel series.

Comments (15)

01/26/21 at 08:47pm

Is there a show u wont cancel thhat I like, it seems like any show I like or start to enjoy it gets cancelled. Thanks
11/01/20 at 02:18pm

The title itself knew it wouldn't last.
10/08/20 at 09:28am

I really liked this show and binged it all within a week on Hulu. just because people aren't watching directly on ABC doesn't mean they aren't watching it :(
09/24/20 at 00:28am

Bad premise, lacks cohesiveness, TOO politically correct crap to successful. But that is the way of boringwood of today!
09/23/20 at 02:37am

Unbelievable! You know what ABC stands for?
Already Been Cancelled! I loved this show,
Bring it back. I spent a lot of time investing in these characters and the plot. I love the quirkiness of the writing and the weird characters.
COME ON PAY ATTENTION AND BRING IT BACK or I’m not watching anything on ABC anymore!!!
03/26/20 at 05:16pm

Renew! Such a great show and great actors
03/05/20 at 01:12pm

Love this show. 5 stars
03/05/20 at 08:17am

Love this show! Give it a couple more seasons!!
12/27/19 at 11:10am

watched the first episode and thought this had potential. now over the holidays I'm catching up and had to binge as it is getting better and better. Saw it got picked up for a full season, hope it makes it past that.
Couch Potato
10/11/19 at 05:49pm

A loose, kick a$$ woman with PTSD. Fun lighthearted action drama. Good cast, with everyone playing their respective roles nicely. Thus far the writing, and storylines have been different yet enjoyable.

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