December 14, 2010

A recent press release from Warner Home Video for the complete series of Life Unexpected points to the show's cancellation. It was only two weeks ago when The CW announced that the second season of Life Unexpected would be capped at 13 episodes, but at the time showrunner Liz Tigelaar remained hopeful that Season 3 would still be in the cards.

With the recent news of the complete series coming out on DVD next April, it all but confirms the show's demise when the second season closes out in January.

(Source: TV Shows on DVD)

Complete list of Life Unexpected episodes

Season 1:
Home Inspected
Rent Uncollected
Bong Intercepted
Turtle Undefeated
Truth Unrevealed
Crisis Unaverted
Bride Unbridled
Formal Reformed
Family Therapized
Storm Weathered
Father Unfigured
Love Unexpected

Season 2:
Ocean Uncharted
Parents Unemployed
Criminal Incriminated
Team Rebounded
Music Faced
Honeymoon Interrupted
Camp Grounded
Plumber Cracked
Homecoming Crashed
Thanks Ungiven
Stand Taken
Teacher Schooled
Affair Remembered