September 6, 2011

Lifetime announced today that it has picked up previously-cancelled crime-fighting series America's Most Wanted. The long-running show aired 24 seasons on the Fox Network before getting the axe back in May.

Lifetime says it plans to air Season 25 of the newly-revived series later this year. The well-known face of America's Most Wanted, John Walsh, will resume his duties as host and executive producer when the show returns.

"I've always believed there was something very special about America's Most Wanted and that there should be a home for it on television, and I couldn't be happier to now be able to bring it back on Lifetime," network President and GM Nancy Dubuc said in a press release. "We've often been called the court of last resort... now we are back in the game and ready to saddle up for another season to get justice for victims and put dangerous criminals behind bars."

When Fox cancelled the series earlier this year, it stated plans to air quarterly 2-hour specials of the show. Word is that those specials will still air as planned on the network - the first one slated for Saturday, October 29, 2011.