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Feb 07, 1988 - Present




Reality / Crime


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A reality series focused on assisting law enforcement in the apprehension of wanted fugitives.

One of the shows that is credited for bringing reality television to mainstream, the idea for America's Most Wanted came from other reality crime shows in the 60s and 80s.

The show often profiles criminals who are currently on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list. The toll-free-hotline number to report any tips on any case featured on the show is 1-800-CRIME-TV (1-800-274-6388). The show has helped capture over 1000 fugitives and recover over 50 missing persons.

Comments (10)

12/04/17 at 12:54pm

What happen? Did the FBI fined all they past and future criminals?
09/06/15 at 03:29pm

Ya needs come back on
09/13/14 at 08:23am

I agree with most of the comments here. As stated by others the great thing about this show is it raised awareness, help catch lots of criminals. And as somebody else stated even if it ran ounce a month that would be better then nothing. I felt a whole lot safer when this show was running. Who wouldn't want to know if the criminal that moved in next door was in fact a criminal.
03/23/14 at 10:48pm

I hate that this show is off the air. Especially considering all the crap that's on TV. Please Fox or someone, put it back on the air. Even once a month would be better than nothing.
03/04/14 at 01:16am

It's a damn shame to see this show cancelled TWICE. I consider this show to be an important news program that raises awareness of not only criminals, but also missing adults and children. Even the website is going to pot. I wish that Fox, HLN, or someone would somehow take this show back.
Robert N Greene
08/23/13 at 02:26pm

Everyone who loved AMW should tell Mr. Walsh he sould get his own tv station, I'm sure all the fans will help him pay for it with small donations. Just think every fan sends $100 am month, that would be Millions every month Thank about it Robert Greene
06/27/13 at 01:59am

AHHHHHH! That show caught thousands of murders and criminals since its Fox days! Who is going to catch them NOW? AMW should never be off the air! It's way too important--it's not just a tv show! It saves lives!!
05/20/13 at 06:57pm

I usually love lifetime but they sure keep canceling all the good shows they have two stations there is plenty of time to run everything and if there isnt i am sure the have the viewers to add a third station come on now lifetime network quit cancel ing all these good shows
05/16/13 at 08:41pm

That really sucks that it got cancelled.It seems like every time I really like something it gets cancelled.Lifetime, please,please,please bring it back!!!!I am sure John Walsh is still ready to work!!!!
04/28/13 at 10:25am

What happen? Did the FBI decided to stop funding it?

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