May 12, 2016

CBS has cancelled CSI: Cyber after two seasons, ending the long-running CSI franchise in the process. Cyber was the most-recent and final installment left on the air after other entries were cancelled in recent years.

The hugely-successful CSI franchise produced a total of four entries over its 16-years on the air. The original became a massive hit for the network and paved the way for a slate of related forensic procedural dramas hoping to capture some of its success. Its two following spin-offs - Miami and NY - saw similar accomplishments, staying on the air for nine and 10 years respectively before ultimately being cancelled in 2012 and 2013.

CSI: Cyber was CBS' final attempt at continuing the franchise for a new generation but the show never really caught on with viewers the way the others had. It aired two shortened seasons before the network decided to pull the plug, and with it say good-bye to CSI.