CSI: Cyber

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Mar 04, 2015 - Mar 13, 2016




Drama / Crime




Avery - Patricia ArquetteElijah - James Van Der BeekStavros - Peter MacNicolDaniel - Charley KoontzBrody - Bow WowRaven - Hayley KiyokoNick - Luke Perry

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This procedural drama focusing on high tech crime is a spin-off of the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation series.

The fourth spin-off in the CSI franchise, this procedural drama follows the FBI's team of cyber crime investigators who specialize in cases involving the darknet and associated crimes like hacking, cyber-theft, blackmail, and murder.

Comments (51)

01/29/20 at 11:51pm

This will be followed up by CSI porno! It will have the largest watching viewing audience in the history of television! Brutally funny Hollywood reviews podcast
08/03/16 at 08:17am

Would like to see more of this one or one like it.
Barry Memory
06/21/16 at 01:24am

It was an okay program. I liked because I could DVR it and watch it when nothing else was on. Mostly wooden acting and not very good plots.
05/14/16 at 05:16am

It was watchable but nothing fantastic far worse shows have been renewed
Just Keith
05/13/16 at 06:52pm

About time. However "Scorpion" is even worse, and it's still on. As an engineer, I really can't stand it when shows try all of the techno-babble and in reality sound like a bunch of children using foul language for the first time.
05/12/16 at 04:28pm

Took long enough for it to get cancelled. I dropped it after a handful of episodes of season 1. As previously mentioned, the tech talk was painful, and the dialogue, was even more painful.
It was more of a Criminal Minds style of show than a CSI style.
05/12/16 at 12:42pm

CSI cyber was one of the best shows on cbs but got stupid after the first season, i am glad they put the show to rest
05/12/16 at 06:57am

I'm Sure it's been canceled (too bad) Ted Danson is already on another show
George Spelvin
03/26/16 at 01:59pm

This show is proof to me that I must have a masochistic streak somewhere. The acting isn't great, the writing is abysmal and the *tech*? Oh gods, the tech is just painful. "We've just grabbed the search history of ALL of Los Angeles." Invade 20 million people's privacy much? "We've just renamed every router in the city." Again, class action lawsuits.
If this show didn't have "CSI" in its name, it would have been cancelled halfway through its first season.
03/21/16 at 02:06pm

I've enjoyed this show, but I'm not too optimistic about its future. The season finale ended like a series finale. The last 5 minutes showed new beginnings for some folks, and loose ends being wrapped up for others. It didn't have any cliffhangers.

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