May 17, 2017

Netflix confirmed today what many fans have been waiting quite some time to hear: Season 5 of Arrested Development is moving forward and on-track to premiere sometime in 2018, complete with the entire regular cast.

It has been over two years since we first reported that the award-winning cult comedy would eventually be making a return, though the extended absence introduced some doubt as to whether or not it would, in fact, actually happen. Negotiations with the returning cast members are said to have been a major factor in the delay, but with all formalities now worked out production can move ahead.

Reviving Arrested Development was a big play for Netflix back in 2013. The streaming service had not yet established itself as a destination for original programming, and at the time it only had House of Cards to its name. Arrested Development was actually its first in-house comedy production, paving the way for the many others that followed.