January 25, 2019

It looks like it's the end of the road for Stan Against Evil. IFC has apparently opted against ordering a fourth season of the comedic horror, according to series creator Dana Gould.

"Stan Against Evil, I am sad to report, will not be returning for a fourth season," Gould announced to listeners of his podcast, The Dana Gould Hour. "It had a great run of three seasons. It's not coming back. Will it show up in some other form on some other network someday? Maybe. But right now, as we like to say, it's dead as Kelsey's nuts."

Stan Against Evil stars John C. McGinley as the disgruntled former sheriff of a small New England town who teams up with the tough new sheriff to fight a plague of unleashed demons that are haunting the town, which happens to be built on the site of a massive 17th century witch burning.

The show aired a total of 24 episodes over its three seasons on IFC. Its now-series finale aired on November 21, 2018.