February 13, 2019

Amazon continues to like what it sees from Jack Ryan. The streaming service announced today another early renewal of the action thriller - this time for a third season. The good news comes well ahead of the release of Season 2, similar to the way the show earned its first renewal last year months before its series premiere.

Based on Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan character that has been the subject of many a novel, the series debuted in 2018 with an eight-episode run that garnered mostly-positive feedback from both critics and viewers. The initial strong anticipation for the series was cited as a driving force behind the early Season 2 pickup. This time around, Amazon has said they are pleased with the creative direction Season 2 is taking and saw no reason not to order another round.

Jack Ryan follows the titular CIA analyst, whose life changes when he comes across a suspicious series of bank transfers that lead him on a search for answers that pulls him from the safety of his desk job. What follows is a deadly game of cat and mouse that takes him throughout Europe and the Middle East while a rising terrorist figurehead is planning a massive attack against the America and its allies.