March 8, 2019

It is being reported that Showtime has cancelled SMILF after two seasons. The news does not come as a complete surprise, considering the recent controversy involving series creator and star Frankie Shaw.

It was late last year that Shaw made headlines after on-set misconduct claims were made against her. The allegations included unprofessional behavior and inappropriately handled sex scenes as showrunner. Shaw has since addressed the claims in interviews on late night television, taking responsibility for her actions and chalking it up to a learning experience. It was too little too late, however, as the show's fate was likely already sealed at that point.

Based on Shaw's 2015 Sundance Film Festival short film of the same name, SMILF follows a single mother in her twenties searching for a happy work-life balance. Shaw plays Bridgette, whose desires for relationships and a career are at odds with with the realities of young motherhood. Shaw also writes and directs on the series.

The cable network is planning to finish airing the comedy's second season in-full, with the series finale scheduled for March 31.