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Nov 05, 2017 - Mar 31, 2019








Bridgette - Frankie ShawTutu - Rosie O'DonnellRafi - Miguel Gomez

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A comedy following a single mother in her twenties searching for a happy work-life balance.

Bridgette is a twenty-something single mom from Southie whose desires for relationships and a career are at odds with with the realities of young motherhood.

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01/20/19 at 02:45pm

I did watch Season 1 and thought "That's about 6 hours of my life that I will never get back". Bridgette and Tutu look dirty all the time which is a turn off. I like some of the characters, but not enough to watch a Season 2.
12/30/17 at 07:07am

I agree with the above posters--it's slow, it's not like Shameless at all, it's not depraved enough, yet I still watch it. I love Rosie O'Donnell in it, plus some of the show is filmed in Southie so that's a plus. This show is loosely based on the main character, and the father sometimes appears in the show. I'll continue to watch it just to see what happens to this woman, if she can get her sh... together.
11/26/17 at 12:14pm

It would of helped a lot if the main character was a SMILF but she's an absolute dog terrible casting
11/20/17 at 07:42am

I've tried to give this show a chance and it is too slow!!! There is no point in having this show on the air. Plus why is the TV saying this show is just like Shameless. No its not!! This is the most stupid show ever!!
11/05/17 at 09:14am

Great, more millennial garbage I won't bother watching.
10/27/17 at 08:10am

Life in Dirty Boston???

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