April 8, 2019

BBC America announced today that Killing Eve will be returning for a third season. And similar to this time last year, the good news comes right around its premiere - only today's pickup follows it, unlike than the extremely-early renewal in 2018 that actually came before the show's very first episode.

And like Season 2, the spy thriller will once again be getting a new head writer and showrunner for Season 3. Stepping in to take the helm this time around will be Suzanne Heathcote, who previously wrote for AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.

Killing Eve premiered last year as one of 2018's hottest new entries. It quickly garnered widespread praise among both critics and audiences, who became enthralled by its gripping storylines and the strong performances of its cast. By the end of the year, outlets like Time Magazine and The Guardian had declared it the best show of 2018. Early feedback from Season 2 looks to be continuing that trend.

Based on the 'Villanelle' novellas by Luke Jennings, the thriller follows two opposing spies. On one side is Eve, a sharp MI-5 security services officer who is stuck at a desk job that doesn't fulfill her dream of being a spy. Opposing her is Villanelle, a psychopathic, yet intelligent, killer who loves the luxuries her violent job provides her. By the nature of their occupations, these two relentless women become equally obsessed with each other, and face off in an epic cat and mouse game of tradecraft.

Look for Season 3 of Killing Eve in 2020 on both BBC America and AMC.