Killing Eve

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Apr 08, 2018 - Apr 10, 2022






Eve - Sandra OhVillanelle - Jodie ComerCarolyn - Fiona ShawKonstantin - Kim BodniaNiko - Owen McDonnellFrank - Darren BoydElena - Kirby Howell-BaptisteKenny - Sean Delaney

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A spy thriller following an MI-5 operative's hunt for a psychopathic assassin.

Eve is a sharp, but bored, MI-5 security services officer stuck at a desk job that doesn't fulfill her dream of being a spy. Villanelle is a psychopathic, yet intelligent, killer who loves the luxuries her violent job provides her.

By the nature of their occupations, these two relentless women become equally obsessed with each other, and face off in an epic cat and mouse game of tradecraft.

Based on the 'Villanelle' novellas by Luke Jennings.

Comments (5)

07/09/19 at 11:54pm

I love the Villanelle character, and Konstantin... its actually a perfect mix of assassins, villains and secret services, in a really smoothie moving absurd story. Im not shure where it is going, but Im enjoying every bit of it. Funny, thrilling and captivating.
05/13/19 at 10:11am

@Warren. I'm not sure what show you're watching, but it definitely not this one.
03/09/19 at 09:23am

I was excited for this show, and I watched from the very beginning. It was exciting, good idea. Then the next episode...okay, not as exciting. Then it became A-DOT-B-DOT type of show, and the story line was getting very predictable. I stopped watching after about 5 episodes. I am shocked it got another season.
Jim Kilby
07/15/18 at 06:34am

Please give us another season. Great show, great acting, great television.
Laura Butterfield
06/07/18 at 06:51pm

I absolutely loved this show. It’s compelling, suspenseful and you don’t know what will happen next. I truly hope it is renewed for another season because I can’t wait and this season just ended! The actors cast are brilliant in their roles. I hope more people respond so you know how great this show really is!

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