May 22, 2020

Netflix announced today that Elite has been renewed for a fourth season. The good news comes two months after the release of Season 3, but may be bittersweet for some fans, as a number of cast members will not be returning.

The pickup does make sense, as the series is one of the streaming service's top Spanish originals. Still, it was unclear if the show would make a return after the events of last season seemingly brought the ongoing story full circle by its final episode.

Elite follows a group of working-class students who are given scholarships to the exclusive Las Encinas private school in Spain. But their arrival clashes with their new wealthy classmates, and the tension leads to a murder, leaving everybody a suspect.

Going forward, the show will continue without the characters of Lu, Carla, Nadia, Polo, and Valerio. Slated to return are Samuel, Guzman, Ander, Omar, Rebecca, and Cayetana.

Look for Season 4 of Elite in 2021.