May 15, 2021

The Unicorn is saying good-bye after two seasons, as word is out this afternoon that CBS will not be continuing the Walton Goggins comedy in 2021-2022. The news comes two months after its sophomore finale, with its March 18 episode serving as its series ender.

The half-hour series was on the bubble for renewal, as its ratings were on the lower end compared to the rest of the network's lineup. While never a top audience draw, the show garnered plenty of praise from both viewers and critics.

The Unicorn follows a father of two who has been dealing with the loss of his wife for the past year. With help from his tight-knit group of friends, he decides to start dating again and learns that he is a hot commodity with women. His attractiveness, employment status, and track record with commitment make him a "unicorn" and highly sought after.