The Unicorn

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Sep 26, 2019 - Mar 18, 2021








Wade - Walton GogginsForrest - Rob CorddryDelia - Michaela WatkinsBen - Omar Benson MillerMichelle - Maya Lynne RobinsonGrace - Ruby JayNatalie - Makenzie Moss

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A comedy following a widowed father who re-enters the dating scene.

Wade is a father of two who has been dealing with the loss of his wife for the past year. With help from his tight-knit group of friends, he has decided to start dating again.

He soon learns that he is a hot commodity with women. His attractiveness, employment status, and track record with commitment make him a "unicorn" and highly sought after.

With his daughters and friends by his side, Wade and his healing heart are ready to try and find happiness again.

Comments (9)

05/23/21 at 01:17pm

This was a one trick pony.
05/18/21 at 05:15pm

this show had alot of potential... poor writing gets shows cancelled
06/04/20 at 07:19am

Love this show.
Bobby F
04/28/20 at 07:02pm

Just horribly bad. Why did it get ordered for a full season?
10/30/19 at 05:19pm

Love Groggins. Gotta ask, why was/is his character friends with that bunch of complete losers. Gets old really really fast. As someone said, one joke show.
10/21/19 at 11:14pm

Wanted to like it. Always liked Rob Corddry, but the writing is just horribly bad. I'd rather watch reruns of paint drying.
10/07/19 at 06:11pm

one-note - got old fast.
10/01/19 at 10:40am

I watched this because I love Walton Goggins as an actor but I must admit I was bored with the pilot. I may give it a second look just out of hope but if the writing continues to be so bad not even Goggins can save it.
09/28/19 at 01:00pm

3rd in a row bomb by CBS so far this fall. Bad story, bad acting and a show that would have been better off as a drama instead of a comedy.

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