May 17, 2021

Fox announced today that The Masked Singer has been renewed for a sixth season. The good news, which arrives the week before the singing competition crowns its latest champion, was expected, as the show continues to draw healthy numbers for the network.

Based on a format that originated out of South Korea, the series premiered in 2019 to an unsuspecting US audience with the potential to end up as another mid-season flop. But its strange, silly, and unique take on the reality singing genre piqued viewers' curiosity, and word-of-mouth took over from there. Two years later and it is still going strong, even launching a spin-off series, 'The Masked Dancer', which aired over the winter months.

The Masked Singer features celebrities going head-to-head in a singing competition that has an intriguing twist: each singer wears an elaborate costume that completely conceals their identity. Competitors include singers, actors, and athletes - all trying to keep the audience and panelists in the dark about who they really are. As singers are eliminated each week, their true identities are revealed.

Look for Season 6 of The Masked Singer this fall.