January 30, 2019

Fox announced today that The Masked Singer has been picked up for a second season. The good news is no surprise, as the celebrity singing competition has gotten off to a strong start since its premiere earlier this year.

Based on a format that originated out of South Korea, the series debuted to unsuspecting US audiences with the potential to end up as another mid-season flop. But its weird, silly, and unique take on the reality singing genre piqued viewers' curiosity, and word-of-mouth took over from there.

The show's first episode now ranks as the top-rated unscripted premiere on any network over the last seven years, not including post-NFL broadcasts. It's also the #1 reality telecast of the last two seasons, besting even The Voice.

The Masked Singer features celebrities going head-to-head in a singing competition that has an interesting twist: each singer is wearing an elaborate costume that completely conceals their identity. Competitors include singers, actors, and athletes - all trying to keep the audience and panelists in the dark about who they really are. As singers are eliminated each week, their true identities are revealed.

Look for Season 2 of The Masked Singer during the 2019-2020 television season.