• Season 4 of The Masked Singer premieres on Wednesday, Sep 23 at 8:00pm.

The Masked Singer

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Jan 02, 2019 - Present




Host - Nick Cannon

A singing competition where celebrities compete with their identities concealed.

Based on a popular international format, this game show features celebrities going head-to-head in a singing competition that has an interesting twist: each singer is wearing an elaborate costume that completely conceals their identity.

Competitors include singers, actors, and athletes - all trying to keep the audience and panelists in the dark about who they really are. As singers are eliminated each week, their true identity will be revealed.

Comments (4)

07/18/20 at 09:45pm

I won't be watching anymore until they FIRE NICK CANNON.
I liked the show, but NICK CANNONS racist a$$ needs to go.
01/13/19 at 04:48pm

I actually love this show. I will watch this over the voice any day
01/08/19 at 04:36pm

From the start of the previews of this show, I said to myself, "Why in the world do I care?" I have a feeling this show won't last long.
01/03/19 at 01:09pm

I saw the previews and thought "What's the point?" I would take a revival of "Don't Forget the Lyrics!" over this show any day.

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