February 7, 2023

Showtime has unveiled plans to expand their hit drama Billions into multiple offshoots. The original series premiered in 2016 and is six seasons into its run, with a seventh on the way later this year.

A total of four new shows are in development, including 'Billions: London,' which will follow players in the world of UK finance, and 'Billions: Miami,' which will be set in the world of private aviation, where the clientele believe the rules of society and government don't apply to them, amidst the wealth, nightlife, contraband and the cryptocurrency that pulses through the Florida city.

Also in the works is a new show called 'Millions,' that will follow diverse, 30-something, financial mogul wannabes trying to make it in Manhattan, as well as 'Trillions,' which will be based on fictional stories of the richest people in the world - titans of industry living all over the country but coming into contact and conflict with one another.