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Jan 17, 2016 - Present






Chuck - Paul GiamattiBobby - Damian LewisLara - Malin AkermanWendy - Maggie SiffMike - David CostabileBryan - Toby Leonard Moore

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A drama following two power players in the world of New York high finance.

Chuck Rhodes is a shrewd U.S. Attorney who puts his smarts and power up against ambitious hedge fund king Bobby "Axe" Axelrod in a bid to outmaneuver each other in the world of New York high finance where the stakes are in the billions.

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Jeff Greene
01/05/18 at 11:46am

The characters are so real to what I see in the business and legal world, there are Bobby Axelrods all across the hedge fund and venture fund world, and there are Chuck Rhodes all across the legal world. Wendy is wonderful, wish I could meet a lady like her. Lara (Bobby's wife in show) is a mismatch, doesn't make sense, an egotistic supersmart like Bobby Axelrod would not have married a local nurse-type from the boros, he would have been a grifter and found a girl from a wealthy family whose father had a business empire. Lara is not a real character, she would have married a blue collar type that she could dominate.
12/11/17 at 04:16pm

Great show & Cast. Can't wait for Season 3
05/12/16 at 07:31pm

Great show. I wish I could find a "criminal" like Axe to manage my money. All I've ever found is criminals who talk big and then charge exorbitant fees to lose my money. They're the ones who need jail.
01/04/16 at 04:22am

Saw ep one last night...I liked it. Great actors...don't really understand all the hedge fund talk...but good to see sons of anarchy actress in it...
10/29/15 at 00:33am

Damian will make this work

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