June 16, 2023

It is being reported that NBC has cancelled American Auto after two seasons. The news comes two months after the workplace comedy wrapped its 13-episode sophomore run.

It was just a week ago that the network also cancelled 'Grand Crew' and 'Young Rock' after their second and third seasons respectively. Going into 2023-2024, the only carry-over comedies on NBC will be 'Night Court' and 'Lopez vs Lopez,' both going into Season 2.

American Auto takes place at an automotive company in Detroit, where corporate executives are doing their best to adapt to the changing times or be left in the dust. A new CEO has been brought in to shake things up, but her leadership and experience is slightly offset by her complete lack of knowledge about cars. Thankfully her team has some of the best minds in the industry - when they aren't fighting or trying to outwit each other.