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Dec 13, 2021 - Present






Katherine - Ana GasteyerJack - Tye WhiteSadie - Harriet DyerMichelle - Alexandra SiegelWesley - Jon Barinholtz

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A workplace comedy following the staff at the headquarters of a Detroit automotive company.

At Payne Motors in Detroit, corporate executives are at the point where they must adapt to the changing times or be left in the dust. A new CEO has been brought in to shake things up, but her leadership and experience is slightly offset by her complete lack of knowledge about cars. Thankfully her team has some of the best minds in the industry - when they aren't fighting or trying to outwit each other.

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05/29/23 at 03:01pm

I love this show!!! Every character and actor is perfectly paired!
Steve S.
01/24/23 at 00:58am

On Sadie and Dory (re below) - Sadie can be plain, but that more often works in her favor for being funny. Dory, the social media junkie, is too off-the-wall in an already off-the-wall show. It ventures into too stupid.
Steve S.
01/24/23 at 00:41am

The first few episodes were real good and chock full of clever analogies and spins on the auto industry. It was less good and more routine after that, but still good. I think they were a little more making fun of the woke culture than pushing it - but agreed, since they were going there too much, it was less funny. If they come up with fresh ideas, the second season could be good. Hope it doesn't become stale, because it's the only comedy like this I've watched for many years.
03/11/22 at 07:34pm

I loved Superstore and love seeing Jon Barinholtz back on my screen. I think the entire cast works well with two exceptions; Sadie and Dory.
Sadie is just tooooo uptight and Dory is trying too hard.
I feel bad saying that as both actresses are doing a great job but, for me, they are the two characters that are just not meshing with the rest of the ensemble.
02/05/22 at 04:09am

Not sure if it’s meant to make fun of the woke culture or pushing the woke culture to the max. Every episode is getting more politically charged then the previous one.
01/19/22 at 08:15am

Someone obvious pitched this a cross between Superstore and Veep, shame they forgot the comedy and likeable characters. Falls way short of both those great shows. Shame
01/08/22 at 08:36pm

CathyJo: I was a huge fan of Superstore but did not enjoy the first two episodes of American Auto at all. The draw for me about Superstore is that it was done in a believable way. I did not believe anything about the setting in American Auto. None of the situations seemed even close to realistic.
01/08/22 at 06:14pm

Well, I tried -- the first episode was okay. I found the second episode annoying. I'm sure many will find it funny, especially if you liked Superstore, but I don't think I'll bother with the rest of the season.
12/15/21 at 02:47pm

This is a nicely done show and will do a good job filling the workplace sitcom void left by "Brooklyn Nine-Nine".
Steve S.
12/15/21 at 01:26am

I have to agree with the previous commenter. I usually don't find things as nonstop silly as this to be as funny like this. I would think they could back off quite a bit and milk the sarcasm more to make it even better. Maybe not. It was very funny.

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