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Nov 08, 1965 - Present






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A daytime soap opera following the lives of multiple families in the town of Salem.

On the air since 1965, the series revolves around the tragedies and triumphs of the Horton, Brady, and DiMera families, along with other upper and middle-class citizens in the Midwestern town of Salem.

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02/15/16 at 05:50am

Coronation Street (on air since December 9th 1960) is officially the world's longest running SOAP. Personally I hate them all, but that's the record.
01/14/16 at 09:37pm

Has day been rewarded for two more years 2017 to 2018?
01/12/16 at 06:20pm

Well... in 2014 EJ got killed off. And Sami left the show. She came back as recurring a year later. In 2015 Will got killed off. Sonny left the show. Bo returned for the show's 50th only to be killed off. This year Daniel got killed off. Stefano is killed off. Abigail will either leave the show or be killed off.
Last year I was hoping that it wouldn't be true, but it won't shock me if the show continues another year with all those main people not on the show anymore. We should know something really soon about the show's cancellation or renewing.
10/28/15 at 07:41am

I started watching from day one, have been on leave for the last few years and recently turned on for the 50 year shows. the story lines remain the same. Some characters have changed, but still same plot, over and over again. Watching the actors starting to age has really shown me that I too am aging. But I will always love this show, no matter what. seeing that it has been renewed throughout 2016 is remarkable. what other show can have these bragging rights.
tanis nevue
08/25/15 at 09:24am

I have been a loyal fan along with many others for a very long time. I hope NBC never cancels this show.
09/03/14 at 08:38am

I have been watching since I was in elementary school and I just turned's been almost 30 years I will watch for an additional 30 (or more)...nuff saidn "DAYS" rocks. :)
03/31/14 at 02:19pm

I hope this never gets canceled. I love this show, have been watching this show for a long time
06/05/12 at 07:03am

I have been watching this soap since the beginning, it is the only daytime soap that I watch, love it!

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