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Nov 08, 1965 - Present






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A daytime soap opera following the lives of multiple families in the town of Salem.

On the air since 1965, the series revolves around the tragedies and triumphs of the Horton, Brady, and DiMera families, along with other upper and middle-class citizens in the Midwestern town of Salem.

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joni morlin
01/08/17 at 06:16pm

I want days of our lives to stay on the air for ever and ever and ever and they are a huge part of them us close to me I have watched them all my life and I have been watching them and all the other soap operas like all my children and o ne life to live and passions and sun set beach and ryans hope and they have been loyal and ki d and sharing their stories of their soap opera they can really help are families to understand we do not want a other talk show we have enough of thatall ready so no way non of us don't want to have this talk show they do not have the authority
Joyce Doolin
01/07/17 at 05:00pm

Dont want another talk show. Please keep Days of our Lives
01/07/17 at 09:26am

I am a fan of Days and do not want to see it go. I tape the show and watch it when I come from work. Give me a break, who wants to watch another talk show. We have been talk to enough. When I am home from work I DO NOT WANT TO WATCH A TALK SHOW!
01/06/17 at 07:40pm

Have watched Days since the 80's. I record the show every the show every day since I have to work. I would hate to lose the show for another talk show. They have canceled other soaps and replaced them with talk shows that are already gone because no one wanted another talk show. Megan Kelly is just another one that no one wants to watch. Never watched her on fox and will not when she comes to NBC. Might need to change to cbs permanently.
01/06/17 at 06:52pm

They should replace one of the news slots instead! To much news! Depressing!
Mary Ann Fistilla
01/06/17 at 06:11pm

I was in shock to hear this terrible news I have watch this show since it began please don't cancel this show I look forward to watching this show each week it's like they are a part of our family please rethink this decision thank you
Karen Hahn
01/06/17 at 04:45pm

No! Don't cancel Days of Our Life! Especially for another talk show. There are currently too many Now! Not a good track record for those who tried. Megan will have enough on her plate. Don't spread her too thin!
Days had shown it has longevity. Too many of us would miss our families in Days. DON'T DO IT!
Barbara kirkland
12/30/16 at 01:00pm

This is so sad to hear thatDays of our Lives is being canceled. I truly have enjoyed over so many years. A great Soap that I always taped daily to be sure not to miss any episode. Wish this was not true. It will be missed. I am so disappointed.
Bryson Cabernel
10/10/16 at 08:15am

I am a huge fan of Days Of Our Lives I was wonder when the Show is going to be off the in 2016 or in 2017 do you guys have a date go off the Air
03/21/16 at 00:07am

Days of our lives rating continue to grow and renew tell 2018 so we don't have to worry about it soap are alway going to be part of life I no that day will be good on EMmy thank too the new but old writers Dana highly not josh Griffith

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