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Nov 08, 1965 - Present






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A daytime soap opera following the lives of multiple families in the town of Salem.

On the air since 1965, the series revolves around the tragedies and triumphs of the Horton, Brady, and DiMera families, along with other upper and middle-class citizens in the Midwestern town of Salem.

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Connie Maschke
05/25/20 at 03:09pm

Please keep Days of our Lives on. This is the only soap opera I watch. I work everyday when I get home it's the first thing I watch. I've been watching all my life with my parents. I used to watch young and the restles lost all interest in it. Please don't cancel Days. Your diehard fan.
Jenifer K Ellis
01/09/20 at 09:55am

I've been watching this show for 36 years. I love it. It's a soap - it's predictable, over the top and sometimes down right stupid, but it's also real, heart warming, and entertaining. I never want to stop watching! I have a feeling that within a couple of years all daytime soaps will be cancelled - I hope I'm wrong!
Ruth Graham
02/16/17 at 06:38am

PLEASE don't cancel "DOOL" to make room for Megyn Kelley. It has been a favorite of its followers since 1965.
If you do this to make room for THAT WOMAN you will enrage all the Trump followers. Is one more liberal voice spouting hatred more important than the richness of the lives of all those in SALEM. This show has helped some of us when we had serious illnesses and couldn't work, had deaths in our families. It has consoled thousands through the years.
If you do this just to have another talk show I will boycott it and I am quite sure all the DOOL fans will boycott it also. She is a flash in the pan while you would be putting out of work all those actors, the crew, etc. Plus you would be breaking the hearts of a considerable amount of viewing audience.
It will be a mistake that you can't undo.
Think very carefully. Thank you.
02/11/17 at 07:43pm

Please don't cancel Days Of Our Lives. I have watched it since 1985 when I was 15 and now am 47. Its a sad shame that good stories are being taken off for stupid talk shows that can be put on any other time of the day.
02/08/17 at 10:51am

Please don't cancel days of our lives!!! It's such a connection between me and my mom, who has passed away. Please don't 😩
02/03/17 at 03:43pm

I have watched DOOL since the very first show. I will miss this show if you cancel it. Please do not cancel this show.
02/01/17 at 07:35pm

Days of Our Lives is still the only show that I can honestly say I have seen every episode for the past 29 years and love every show!!! It would be such a loss to cancel a show that has been in the hearts and lives of so many!!!!! I live Days of Our Lives and hope that they can celebrate another 51 years!!!
01/27/17 at 09:14am

😢💔😢Please don't cancel Days Of Our Lives. I've been watching this show since 1976 and enjoyed every episode and to see it end will be devastating to ME and MANY other LOYAL Days Of Our Lives fans just for another meaningless talk/news show. Days Of Our Lives is the highlight of my day, my one hours of serenity. Please don't take that away.
01/26/17 at 01:13pm

Please do not cancel I have what he'd do ol my whatches an has since it began i have my entire life my girls whatch ,since they were born ,an now started with the 4th generation with my grandaughter,I love days so much I have a daily alarm on my phone set for days ,in case I'm outside or busy to stop an go whatch it's my favorite show an the best part of my day an the only drama I care about in life at all ,I tell people all the time only drama I do is days of our lives my 1 hr a day an I love it !!I don't even whatch any other shows during the day except for do ol at all . So please don't take the light of my day away that's my only me time I get .
01/25/17 at 09:15am

I have watched DOOL since I was 9 or so.. I am 54 now.. Please do not cancel this program for another talk show.. Move it to another time but do not cancel it.

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