One Life To Live

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Jul 15, 1968 - Jan 13, 2012








Viki - Erika SlezakBo - Robert S. WoodsDorian - Robin StrasserNora - Hillary B. SmithBlair - Kassie DePaiva

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A daytime soap opera that explores social issues on a diverse canvas.

Set in the fictional town of Llanview, One Life To Live has made a name for itself among soap operas as being on the forefront of exploring social issues such as interracial romance, gang violence, and teen pregnancy.

The series debuted in 1968 as a hour-hour show, but expanded to a full hour 10 years later in 1978.

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Rhianna Brooks
06/07/14 at 02:57pm

I love one life to live I used to with my mom now I don't have anything anymore I tried watching other soaps but not the same like I cried when they cancelled it so sad . I tried. WATCHING IT ON HULU PLUS NOT THE SAME
05/06/13 at 04:07pm

OLTL worked overtime to make sure first couple weeks was awesome. Highly recommend for people like me that are tired of their dramas on tv being cancelled. I would gladly pay for a hulu subscription or iTunes to have something to watch. Although you can watch it for free through a regular computer with Hulu.
Primetime Blabber
03/12/13 at 01:14pm

OLTL is coming back this April....I am happy to see my Llanview family.
05/16/12 at 09:15pm

04/18/12 at 10:24am


I think you should apologize to all of oltl
viewers and workers who lost their jobs because of you
being money hungry instead of making your viewers
happy. You cancelled a terrific show that has been on
for years that made people happy to a show that was
horrible that nobody wanted on or watched that is
already cancelled in months. Who ever is being so
greedy should be ashamed of themselves. I think you
you should be FIRED. You are slowly turning GH into OLTL
The only reason GH is saved is because of us OLTL FANS
We brought the ratings up by watching the show because
of the storyline. Instead of bringing everbody over to
GH from oltl bring back are terrific show OLTL.

From: Angry Viewer

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