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Mar 11, 1989 - Present


Fox Nation


Reality / Crime




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A reality series where camera crews capture the action of on-duty police officers.

One of the first reality-based television shows, this series features camera crews riding along in police cars and capturing the action of the on-duty officers.

The show has no host and uses no narration, depending completely on the police officers and the footage shot to capture each story as it unfolds.

Comments (9)

Jamar Hudson
12/29/17 at 01:44pm

i want cops back on fox with new states and new because all been gone for so long
Private Detective
08/13/15 at 10:31am

Hey Angela, might be a little over a year late, but you want to go get a cup of coffee sometime??
Angela D.
06/13/14 at 12:44pm

Just kissed ya Private Detective!! Glad this neurotic "reality" series is over. My uncle (from my dads's side) is a retired Dayton OH cop. He always thought the show was crap from the get-go. He's working as a consultant for a corporation now and making three times the big bucks.
Private Detective
06/13/14 at 12:37pm

I've watched this show as much as I could since it aired at or about 1988. This show was misleading from the start: they always depicted cops as always winning, no matter what. What they did not (or dared not!) show were cops getting their asses kicked good, and later losing in court because a smart judge said so. They never showed cops being sued, or getting their butts chewed by supervisors or prosecutors. Most importantly, they always picked on rednecks, street hookers, low-income blacks, or teenagers. They were hardly shown picking on well-to-do upscale members of the community who had excellent attorneys on speed-dial.
03/28/14 at 05:06am

the show has been cancelled, twice now...
05/07/13 at 08:53am

Glad Spike Picked this up! been watching it for the past few years. my dad is a cop so he will like this
10/26/12 at 05:26am

I think the new season starts December 15th
Jim Jones
10/19/12 at 05:20am

Anyone know when this season starts?
05/05/12 at 09:13pm

Cops is truly a great show watched it when I was a kid I still watch it it's very entertaining I love it keep it going plz

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