CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

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Oct 06, 2000 - Sep 27, 2015




Drama / Crime




Ray - Laurence FishburneCatherine - Marg HelgenbergerNick - George EadsSara - Jorja FoxGreg - Eric SzmandaAl - Robert David HallDave - David BermanJim - Paul GuilfoyleWendy - Liz VasseyGil - William Petersen

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A procedural crime drama set in Las Vegas featuring a team of Crime Scene Investigators working to solve various murders and other crime.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation follows the forensic scientists as they investigate and uncover the circumstances behind mysterious and unusual crimes.

The show is known for its gruesome depictions of crimes and its focus on the hi-tech methods the team uses to solve them. The success of the program has spawned two additional shows under the CSI moniker, but set in different cities.

Comments (36)

09/11/15 at 03:29pm

I am so sad to see this show end. I didn't think they would ever be able to replace Gil, but DB has really given the show a new life. I am disappointed in the powers that be when they can't see a really good show and a mediocre one like Cyber CSI:(
mike dobey
08/04/15 at 09:49pm

this is anther case of a good show with good ratings going down because it costs a lot to make and they want to spend the money on newer shows. We do get the sept 27 , two hour finale move though. This has happened many times with shows, it really started with 1978's highly rated show "battlestar galactica" oh well. another one bites the dust.
07/05/15 at 01:53pm

I have watch this amazing show, with an outstanding cast since it aired in 2000. From the pilot to the end, I have watched this show. I watch re-runs over and over again. The other CIS's could never match this show or cast! Nick... Sara.... Greg.... Catherine.... Gill.... Ray.... DB..... Jewles.... Wendy.... Al.... Dave.... Jim. Very, very special people!👑 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑 Kin of the crop!
06/18/15 at 11:41am

I love CSI I hope they bring it back...... I watch the reruns
05/26/15 at 08:09pm

This is such bullshit all the good shows are being canceled... Will miss them!!
Greg C
05/13/15 at 11:38am

CSI stretched a couple seasons too many.
Ted Danson joining CSI Cyber could be a good idea in that it needs some major changes to have a chance.
Concept is good but the current scripting and casting is lacking.
Loved Patricia Arquette in Medium but not a good casting for Cyber.
05/12/15 at 06:07pm

sad to see CSI go. CSI: Cyber is not good but I really think its because of Arquette. If they replaced her it would be much better.
05/11/15 at 06:23pm

CNN is reporting that this show is canceled. CBS may do a 2 hour special to rap things up.
05/09/15 at 04:13pm

Please do not cancel CSI. I really dislike csi : cyber and Arquette.
Betty D
05/04/15 at 03:47pm

Please..DO NOT CANCEL CSI! - great cast and I've missed seeing it. CSI Cyber is just not doing it for me--don't like Ms. Arquette at all in it--would rather have CSI NY and Miami come back. But thank goodness for reruns on those. If it's money (which it usually is), maybe the cast will consider small cuts or something. Just too good to toss aside so can someone please work something out???

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