WWE Tough Enough

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Jun 21, 2001 - Aug 25, 2015






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A wrestling reality show where contestants compete for a contract with the WWE.

A reality competition that takes a group of 12 aspiring wrestlers and puts them through challenges to see if they have what it takes to join the WWE's roster of talent. One will be eliminated each episode, until the finale where the remaining contestants battle it out for the grand prize.

The series originally got its start on MTV, where it aired three seasons before moving to UPN for Season 4. In 2011 it was revived by the USA network.

Comments (3)

05/27/16 at 11:38am

This show in its original form was great. However in saying that I must point out that the newest version of it was complete crap.
12/09/15 at 08:25am

Stupid and pointless! This show just shows different people wanting to become wrestlers and join WWE but do dumb challenges for a contract to their training camp. In 2010 Andy Leavine (the winner of that season) was in wwe before coming to Tough Enough. He asks to get released to be in the comp then won the contract to join again. Then after he wins he is sent back to the training camp where he 1st started before he went into the comp then he gets released a year later with nothing to show for it. Any logic problems here?
Also Ariane Andrew aka Cameron was the very 1st person to be eliminated from the show but a few days after getting kicked off she gets offered a full time contract to be a star and have main show time on MNR.
To me this is like a crappy version of NXT when it first started as silly trivial games and doing nothing to prepair people for the wrestling world.
07/02/12 at 07:22pm

why was the show cancelled

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