Arrested Development

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Nov 02, 2003 - Mar 15, 2019








Michael - Jason BatemanLindsay - Portia de RossiGob - Will ArnettGeorge Michael - Michael CeraGeorge Sr. - Jeffrey Tambor

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A mockumentary-style comedy following a formerly wealthy dysfunctional family.

At the center of the Bluth family is Michael, a hardworking father who was primed to take over his father's corporation until he was passed over for his mother. To make things worse, his dad is arrested for suspect accounting practices, which puts a freeze on the family's assets.

Now with a lack of funds, the Bluth family must band together out of necessity to make things work.

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03/05/12 at 00:34am

I liked this show and enjoyed watching it, but it seems way over rated. The score it recieved on IMDB compared to other shows is ridiculous. This show was enjoyable, but it should not have been ranked with the best shows made on TV.
02/21/12 at 08:50pm

One of the best shows of all time. Period.
Right up there with Firefly.
02/14/12 at 09:50pm

To dude- you're an idiot
02/11/12 at 05:57pm

Never understood what the point of this show was supposed to be or why any money was ever spent making it. Was it supposed to be funny because it wasn't even in the same universe as funny.

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