Cold Case

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Sep 28, 2003 - May 02, 2010




Drama / Crime




Lilly - Kathryn MorrisJohn - John FinnNick - Jeremy RatchfordWill - Thom BarryScotty - Danny PinoKat - Tracie Thoms

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Cold Case is a procedural police drama focused on crimes from the past that have never been solved.

Cold Case follows Philadelphia homicide squad Detective Lilly Rush, the lone female detective in her unit, who finds her calling investigating "cold cases" - unsolved crimes - along with her partner Detective Nick Vera, a tougher cop who balances out her calm demeanor.

Lilly is smart and driven, solving these cases by digging up old witnesses and interrogating them using today's technology and methods to find fresh clues to these previously unsolvable crimes.

Comments (12)

07/06/21 at 07:34pm

Grateful this show is currently on HBO Max. This is one of my favorite shows. So well written. Wish they still made shows like this!
11/08/15 at 09:53pm

Bring it back to cold case please
Kit Robinson
08/28/14 at 04:59pm

I loved this show from the start. They went back & got the old music & costumes & autos. It was so great I really miss it. Too bad they never put it out on boxed set I would have bought them all. At least I can watch some of them on ION channel, that helps a little. They were wrong to cancel this show!
05/20/14 at 06:03am

I still watch the reruns when they are on. I really miss this show
03/12/14 at 04:15pm

I miss this show I cant believe its been cancelled :(
03/02/14 at 02:05pm

I loved this show .... Definitely miss it!!
04/26/13 at 04:21pm

What a great show!
10/21/12 at 02:23pm

I have seen all of the shows and this is one of the best series they ever produced. Wish it would come back.
Gregory Washington
08/28/12 at 06:04pm

Just when I started watching it
04/18/12 at 01:40pm

Yea good show I guess it ran its course...

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